T-Mobile’s CEO Crashed An AT&T Party In Vegas And Was Thrown Out

John Legere, who was recently called the most exciting telecom CEO ever, was booted out of AT&T’s CES party after showing up to see Macklemore perform. posted on

1. T-Mobile CEO John Legere showed up Tuesday night at rival AT&T’s CES party at Rain Nightclub inside the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

Ran into @JohnLegere at the AT&T party. Yep, he crashed it. And still wearing the pink t-mo shirt. #CES2014

2. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were performing at the event.

3. It looked like an awesome show.

4. CNET News Executive Editor Roger Cheng, who was in town to cover the tech show, said Legere was promptly thrown out and AT&T was “not happy.”

Oh wow, security just escorted @JohnLegere out of the party. AT&T is not happy with my tweet. #ces2014

6. According to Cheng, security guards surrounded Legere and escorted him out of the event.

7. A security guard later told Geek Wire AT&T representatives claimed Legere was “harassing” attendees at the party.

8. After getting the boot, Legere responded on Twitter, blasting both AT&T and the Palms.

@RogerWCheng great to see you! I just love Macklemore! Very bad move by @ATT and #PalmCasino . Have a great night! I am very angry!

9. Legere and his crew legitimately got their passes from Macklemore’s agent, Cheng said, but apparently AT&T wasn’t having it.

Not sure what’s craziest: That @johnlegere crashed the AT&T party; that @rogerwcheng gloat-tweeted it; or that AT&T then kicked him out

10. The CEO told Re/code, “I just wanted to hear Macklemore.”

Best argument why Sprint should not be allowed to acquire T-Mobile. We might not get more of this…

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