Is This The Most Offensive Pearl Harbor Tweet Ever Sent By A Brand?


More than 2,400 Americans were killed and almost 1,200 others wounded in the Dec. 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

3. People were immediately outraged and tweeted their reaction to SpaghettiOs.

@SuzanEraslan @SpaghettiOs unfuckingbelieveable.

— mbrun12 (@mike brun)

@mattmurr11 @andylevy @SpaghettiOs this is called exploitation of a tragedy to gain profit. It's disgusting

— windycityiggy (@Windy City iGGY)

@SpaghettiOs @JoeMande this is appalling

— agentmoore (@C J Moore)

@SpaghettiOs @shokufeyesib Someone is fired on Monday.

— _nasdaf_ (@_nasdaf_)

@BlackGirlNerds @SpaghettiOs what in the holy hell?

— SashaDevlin (@Sasha Devlin)

.@mbrun12 I can't wait for the official @SpaghettiOs 9/11 tweet.

— SuzanEraslan (@Suzan Eraslan)

I think @SpaghettiOs is gonna have an opening for a new social media manager in a few hours.

— maggieserota (@Gift of the Maggie)

Why is @SpaghettiOs tweeting about Pearl Harbor? Wow.

— Sparky916 (@Tony)

@SpaghettiOs are you pro cancer as well?

— petecbrooks (@pete brooks)

@hellokirst @SpaghettiOs really?? C'mon corporate morons. Ridiculous and frankly offensive.

— kirstinm (@kamedley)

@SpaghettiOs seriously?!? What a bunch of ass holes!

— KelHow76 (@Kelly Howard)

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