9 Of The Best Ways To Get Revenge

Don’t get mad, get even. Let Jason Statham teach you a thing or two about getting revenge in Parker coming to theaters on January 25th.

1. Plaster their office with multi-colored print-outs:

Parker’s first rule of revenge is to use your enemy against themselves. In this instance, incorporating your target’s face into your vehicle of revenge works perfectly.

2. Strap an air horn to the bottom of their chair:

Shock and awe. Parker approves.

3. Cover their entire bedroom in aluminum foil:

Consider including a disco ball for added effect.

4. Put shredded paper in their car:

Parker approves of recycling.

5. Cover their car in post-its:

Scott Ableman / Via Flickr: ableman

Definitely a colorful means of revenge.

6. Fill their office with take-out boxes:

There is never a reason to not get Chinese take out. If it fits into your revenge plans, even better.

7. Fill their room with cheesy puffs:

They’ll be trying to get those stains out of the carpet for years.

8. Grow plants out of their keyboard:

wetwebwork / Via Flickr: wetwebwork

Going green and getting revenge, killing two birds with one stone is the way Parker would do it.

9. Decorate their cubicle with the latest in tween heartthrobs:

Parker would be impressed by the sheer amount of psychological trauma that this would inflict upon your target.

See how the pros get revenge. Join Jason Statham on his quest for revenge in Parker coming to theaters on January 25th.

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