27 Signs You Live With A Young Child

For every object you put away there is a toddler in the other room taking out four more. And then some.

1. Cereal has a lot of trouble staying in the bowl.

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And it’s also often rainbow-colored.

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2. You own plates that are shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head.

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And you have no idea how to get the darn pictures to not wash off.

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3. You live your life to the constant theme music of kids’ TV.

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And really, really need to know where Max and Ruby’s parents are.

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4. You can never find your shoes…

ID: 1486806

5. Until you do.

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6. Nothing in those potties grosses you out.

Tales of an Unlikely Mother / Via Facebook: Tales-of-an-Unlikely-Mother

You’re just happy you bought the bowls too big to fall in all the way.

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7. Because you know you clean them every day.

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Even though it’s freaking nasty. Why can’t children be born potty trained?

ID: 1486860

8. You understand the importance of a lovey.

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ID: 1486868

No matter what happens to it.

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ID: 1486873

If only adults could be so non-judgmental, right?

ID: 1486880

9. You know what “inside snow” means.

ID: 1486892

10. You hide all glitter on the top shelf.

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ID: 1486902

11. And curse yourself when you forget to do the same for the markers.

SodaHead / Via sodahead.com

Thank goodness for Magic Eraser.

ID: 1486923

12. Your silverware drawer looks like this:

Because kids can figure out child-proof, but they cannot magically grow three feet to reach the cabinets up there.

ID: 1486928

13. Urinating is a royal occasion.

Tales of an Unlikely Mother / Via Facebook: Tales-of-an-Unlikely-Mother

And if on a toilet-like apparatus, a cause for great celebration!

ID: 1486941

14. You understand the intricacies of attempting to wipe.

And reward them for trying to fix the never-ending-toilet-paper-roll problem they were having.

ID: 1486946

15. You’re always out of aluminum foil.

And let’s not even start on the plastic wrap.

ID: 1486953

16. This is as clean as your bathroom sink gets.

Ick. Why can’t they just use the step-stool you put in there?

ID: 1486959

17. You can never find your camera.

So they do know how to use the step-stool.

ID: 1486966

18. You have pounds of silly putty in storage.

Parentwin / Via parentwin.com

And you’re still plotting ways to get back at your sister-in-law for her “thoughtful” gifts.

ID: 1486975

19. You know how hard it is to sleep in a bed for a kid.

ID: 1486978

Unless it’s your bed.

ID: 1486981

20. Your carpets look like they haven’t been cleaned since 1987.

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But you just steamed them last week!

ID: 1486992

21. You understand that toys get hungry.

Why with the butter and the Elmo, kids? Why?

ID: 1486997

22. This is clean.

Parentwin / Via parentwin.com

No, seriously. You should see messy.

ID: 1487001

23. You know that child shoes are really word problems…

If the right shoe leaves the foot at two miles and hour and travels twelve inches, and the left shoe leaves the foot 30 minutes later and travels seven feet from secondary location (t2), then…you will never find both shoes at the same time.

ID: 1487006

24. You can see that this is a surprised man looking at a tiny elephant.

That is a true story. Who needs phone jacks and electrical outlets when imagination is so much cooler?

ID: 1487013

25. You spend more time putting stuff away than taking it out when you shop.

How many tubs of candy do they think you need anyway? Too bad for them the answer is zero.

ID: 1487021

26. You fail at breakfast.

Parentwin / Via parentwin.com

If it’s not the cereal, it’s the cream of wheat. You just can’t win.

ID: 1487031

27. You know how to put sippy cups to good use.

Because everyone needs something to drink in a house with small children.

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