15 Handmade Gifts For Mother’s Day That You Don’t Have To Make With Your Hands

Handmade gifts are a Mother’s Day classic, but not everyone is a glitter master or a glue gun king. Well, that’s kind of why Etsy exists… Right?

1. Custom Child Silhouette Necklace

ID: 1122574

2. Thanks For The Lift Card

ID: 1122550

3. Home is Where Love and Comfort Meet - Print

ID: 1122592

4. Mother’s day map

ID: 1122571

5. Custom New Mom Ring

ID: 1122586

6. I knew I loved you before I met you - Print

ID: 1122582

7. Handmade Super Mum Card

ID: 1122548

8. Vintage Map Paper Flower Bouquet of Europe

ID: 1122554

9. Personalized Wreath

ID: 1122559

10. House Portrait Painting - Custom Illustration

ID: 1122577

11. Custom Family Portraits

ID: 1122578

12. Custom Printed iPhone 5 Photo Case

ID: 1122552

13. Handmade ipad case

ID: 1122564

14. Love You Mom - Three Handmade Decorative Polymer Clay Pears

ID: 1122581

15. We Love you more than Cake - Hand stamped Fork

ID: 1122585

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