15 Handmade Gifts For Mother’s Day That You Don’t Have To Make With Your Hands

Handmade gifts are a Mother’s Day classic, but not everyone is a glitter master or a glue gun king. Well, that’s kind of why Etsy exists… Right? posted on

1. Custom Child Silhouette Necklace

2. Thanks For The Lift Card

3. Home is Where Love and Comfort Meet - Print

4. Mother’s day map

5. Custom New Mom Ring

6. I knew I loved you before I met you - Print

7. Handmade Super Mum Card

8. Vintage Map Paper Flower Bouquet of Europe

9. Personalized Wreath

10. House Portrait Painting - Custom Illustration

11. Custom Family Portraits

12. Custom Printed iPhone 5 Photo Case

13. Handmade ipad case

14. Love You Mom - Three Handmade Decorative Polymer Clay Pears

15. We Love you more than Cake - Hand stamped Fork

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