14 Perfect Gifts For Your Paper Anniversary

Wedding season is right around the corner and that means so are a lot of first anniversaries, the paper anniversary.

1. Hearty Quilling - wall art

2. Paper Lingerie

3. Inseparable Love - Handmade Original Papercut

4. Heart Pouring out with Love - Paper Art Print

5. Spring Snow - Orignal Paper Sculpture

6. Tuxedo Kitten - Paper Sculpture

7. Flower Basket - Framed Quilling

8. Personalized - Altered Book Art

9. Blossoming Love - Handmade Original Papercut

10. Custom Wedding Gift - Silhouette Cut Paper

11. Wedding Keepsake - Paper Art Print

12. Cherry Top - Hanging Paper Lampshade

13. A Pink Quilled 3-D Bouquet - Floral Arrangement

14. Handmade 3D Paper Heart

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