Reliving The Highs And Lows Of The 2012 Campaign

The 2012 Presidential campaign is (finally) over but the best, weirdest and funniest moments — from Mitt Romney’s dancing horses to Joe Biden’s…well, everything — will live forever. And for an all-access pass into the Obama campaign trail, pick up your e-copy of Panic 2012, available on January 15th!

1. The 2012 campaign trail was chock full of highs and lows. Let’s remember!

2. Remember Josh Romney’s face?

The second Presidential Debate: Where American learned that Mitt Romney keeps women in binders… and that Josh Romney is a terrifying, intense version of Christian Bale.

3. How about when Clint Eastwood did this whole thing?

Republican Official: Mr. Eastwood, here is your speech.

Clint Eastwood: How about instead of that, I just go up there and improvise a skit?

Republican Official: Sure! What could go wrong?

4. Remember when we were all obsessed with Binders Full of Women?

The official Halloween costume of 2012 comes, ironically, from a guy who we’re pretty sure doesn’t celebrate Halloween.

5. And “You Didn’t Build That”?

What Obama meant to say was, “Americans all come together to help each other succeed.” But it kinda came out more like, “You know that business you started? Yeah, well, no you didn’t, dummy.”

6. Remember Karl Rove’s temper tantrum?

In a true bipartisan election night moment, America came together to watch GOP super-brain Karl Rove short circuit on national TV, manically and frantically challenging Fox News and, summarily, getting fired.

7. And “Horses and Bayonets”?

In the third debate, Obama totally sank Romney’s battleship.

8. Remember that Tumblr that put Arrested Development quotes on political pictures?

Arguably the funniest election blog (intentionally funny… sorry, Dick Morris!), Arrested Decision 2012 took quotes from TV’s Arrested Development and matched them up with photos from the 2012 election.

9. Remember when Obama was a wizard?

Columbia University: 1981-1983
Harvard Law School: 1988-1991
Hogwarts: 1995 - present

10. And when Romney visited that Chipotle?

Charles Dharapak / AP

October, 2012: Mitt Romney pops into a Denver Chipotle, and manager Marty Arps can. Not. Believe. It.

11. And the whole Ann Romney dressage horse thing?

Pro Political Tip: If your goal is to look like an out-of-touch zillionaire, you should probably let people know that you own an Olympic dancing horse.

12. Remember bad lip reading?

The consistently funniest running gag to come out of the 2012 campaign was a beautiful piece of surrealism that left no candidate, Republican or Democrat, un-skewered.

13. And our boy, R-Money?

Yeah, yeah. We know it was ‘shopped. But sometimes fake things contain a little (read: a LOT) of truth.

14. A lot of it was malarkey.

Anyone expecting Joe Biden to be chill and statesmanlike during the Vice Presidential Debate was… just kidding, nobody expected that.

15. Or just an impromptu moment, immortalized forever.

Woman in background + flag growing out of her head = sleeper viral sensation of the year.

16. Remember when Ann Romney said Mitt is “very funny”?

We agree.

17. Remember when Romney threw out that “47%” comment?

We’ll miss Jason Sudeikis as Romney, but at least we’ve still got Biden.

18. Remember Paul Ryan, P90 ex-candidate?

When you think Paul Ryan, you think of the one percent. Specifically, 1% body fat. The whole election might have turned out differently if the Vice Presidential Debate had a swimsuit component (and for real, why doesn’t it?).

19. How about this guy’s tattoo?

Well, he can always tell people it’s the Yugoslavian flag.

20. Remember that guy Nate Silver? Who predicted the election results?

You should probably start asking him for gambling advice.

21. And really, anything relating to Joe Biden is worth remembering.

Frankly, as a gaffe generator, Vice President Biden is overrated. But as a .gif generator? That’s a whole ‘nother story.

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