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    • paiges11

      I was at Thanksgiving dinner with my boyfriend and his grandparents’ house. I had to go #2 so I snuck off to the bathroom to do my business. I dropped one good turd & I was happy that it wasn’t a lot and it didn’t smell. I like to be discreet, ya know? But when I flushed the toilet, water filled the bowl! I guess it was stopped up from everyone else who had used it before me. So there was the toilet bowl, filled to the brim with my one tidy poo floating at the top. I looked around for a plunger and there was no plunger in the bathroom! What the hell kind of home was this with no plunger in the bathroom?! My boyfriend’s grandfather had a glass display case with paraphernalia from his days as a Nazi soldier, so I figured it has to be some kinda Nazi thing. I don’t really know, but it seemed to be the only explanation. I did not want to leave this bathroom without getting rid of this turd, so I started looking around for a solution. At first, I though that I could smoosh it down the bathroom drain, but there were too many tiny holes and that would just cause an even bigger mess. Then I noticed the bathroom window! I grabbed my turd out of the toilet with a paper towel and tossed it out the window. They had a dog, so if anyone were to happen upon the turd, they’d just think the dog did it. Success!  I closed the window, washed my hands, and exited the bathroom. I whispered to my boyfriend’s mom that I was in need of a plunger. She replied, much louder than I would have wanted her to, “Oh It’s okay…it happens.” (Seriously - it was not my fault the toilet was stopped up! Everybody else went in there and took mondo dumps in there and I just happened to be the one it decided to over-flow on!) She went and asked Nazi grandpa for a plunger and he was the one that went in there and unclogged it himself. (That’s what you get. Who keeps a Nazi display case, anyway?!) I later told my boyfriend about the whole poop fiasco. He thought it was the funniest shit ever…no pun intended.