12 Most Ridiculous Instructions

It’s not your fault. Sometimes even the simplest directions set you up to fail. Watch AMC’s new show, Owner’s Manual, on August 15th at 10 p.m. to watch the battle between a guy who needs instructions, and another who wings it.

1. You’re on your own, buddy.

Newtown grafitti / Via Flickr: 28713775@N02
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2. The idea that anyone has to rely on hand motions for an emergency stop is not cool.

SoulRider.222 / Via Flickr: 31019817@N02
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3. How will you ever learn the new jammin dance?

FANCY FOOTWORK / Via rexusa.com
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4. Make sure to chill before serving.

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5. Yea, do that.

russavia / Via commons.wikimedia.org
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6. According to this sign, you can throw glass, paper, and crockery into the middle of the ocean.

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7. Try to keep yo hands to yoself.

Dennis Sitarevich / Via Flickr: 14687859@N00
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8. When participating in an emergency exit on a plane, remember to leave your bags.

Marshall Astor / Via Flickr: lifeontheedge
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9. Thanks for the info.

Alan Levine / Via Flickr: 37996646802@N01
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10. There should be an are-you-qualified-to-be-a-parent test.

jayberent / Via instagram.com
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11. Yes, be suspicious of all inanimate objects. It will get you, just like your mother told you it would.

hk_xoxo / Via instagram.com
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12. This will only end in tears.

annabel_cheer05 / Via instagram.com

Check out Owner’s Manual to watch two guys who would laugh in all of these tiny plastic part’s faces.

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