24 Dogs That Are Actually Really Terrible Best Friends

Man’s best friend you say? More like man’s annoying little brother.

1. This dog who got a little too competitive.

ID: 3424817

2. This dog who almost took out the flatscreen, mid-game.

ID: 3424757

3. This dog, who also seems to have something against TVs.

ID: 3436643

4. This dog who doesn’t believe that sharing is caring.

ID: 3424889

5. This dog who shot fireworks at his family and had a blast doing it.

ID: 3432362

6. This dog who expressed how he really felt about the wallpaper.

ID: 3433500

7. This dog who swore it was wig.

ID: 3432400

8. This dog who wasn’t feeling the Christmas spirit.

ID: 3434150

9. These dogs who decided that if they couldn’t play, then no one would.

ID: 3432475

11. This dog who pretended to do something nice, but then was like “HAHA GOT YA FOOL!”

ID: 3432506

12. This dog who thought it would be funny to cannonball on someone’s head.

ID: 3433269

13. These dogs who sought revenge and showed absolutely no remorse.

ID: 3436532

15. This dog who was like “l’m just gonna have a small nibbl- OM NOM NOM”

ID: 3432723

16. This dog who “borrowed” money.

ID: 3432441

17. These passive aggressive dogs who messed with their owner’s stuff while they were out.

ID: 3433515

19. This dog who was jealous the birds had more food than him.

ID: 3436582

20. These dogs who picked a really bad place and a really bad time to take a wizz.

ID: 3433243

22. This dog who wanted a bit more legroom.

ID: 3436580

23. This dog who didn’t like the flavor of his birthday cake.

ID: 3436694

24. And this dog who refused to let his owner sleep in.

ID: 3436698

But despite all they put us through, we’re still happy to call them our best friends.

ID: 3424853


ID: 3452065

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