15 Things Only People With Sensitive Stomachs Know To Be True

Irritable Bowel Survivors unite!

1. Having a sensitive stomach is an everyday struggle.

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2. Like a ticking time bomb, your stomach could go off at any moment.

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3. Going out to eat is sometimes a nightmare, although by now you’ve been desensitized to using public restrooms.

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4. You feel bad stinking up a friend’s bathroom, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

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5. You’ve made your share of pitstops just to use a restroom.

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And we’re not all lucky enough to have Hugh Grant carry us to one.

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6. Your biggest fear is that someday you won’t make it to a bathroom in time.

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7. You have a great appreciation for your bathroom at home and all that you’ve gone through together.

“Home bowl, home bowl, you know just what I need.”

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8. You’re wary of what foods you eat, but choose not to deprive yourself of everything greasy and delicious in the world.

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9. Therefore you treat yourself, and suffer the consequences later.

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10. Tums, Gas-X, Pepto, Beano. You name it, you’ve got it.

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11. Probiotics are friends and food.


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12. Your fridge has an endless supply of ginger ale.

It’s your “special juice.”

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13. If you don’t already own this mug, you’ve at least looked at it and been like, “that is soo me.”

Urban Outfitters / Via pinterest.com
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14. Although this would be ideal:

Urban Outfitters / Via Michelle Regna

“Everything” was probably just too long a word.

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15. The upside is that you never feel guilty about skipping the gym.

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