Look At My Dog. I Mean… Just… Just Look At Him.

Quite possibly the best JC Penny photo shoot in the history of JC Penny AND photo shoots.

1. World, meet my dog Bojo.

2. Seriously, look at that face.

3. No, but seriously… look at him.

4. How is this possible?

5. Ladies, we’re single.

6. Best… Groupon… Ever.

7. This dog was born to be in front of a camera.

10. What’s that? Outfit change? Check.

11. So much good.

12. I just can’t even.

13. Who is this dog?

14. Sports fans? Yep.

15. Classy dudes? Not really.

16. Do I love my dog? You better F*ing believe it.

17. Check out my little guy in action!

Via YouTube

18. The Real Harlem Bojo

Via YouTube

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