27 Signs You Were Raised By Immigrant Parents

Not reading this post is a dishonor to your family.

1. Your lunch was never a PB&J.

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2. You had the most difficult name on the attendance sheet.

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3. While everyone vacationed in the Bahamas, you vacationed in the homeland.

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4. You mastered the art of interpreting your parents.

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5. Your pronunciation of certain words was (and might still be) a little off.

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6. Your after-school activities definitely stood out on your résumé.

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7. Your parents let you fill out your own school documents because it was just faster that way.

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8. You could get endless help with your math and science homework.

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But help with your English homework was limited to a…

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9. Anyone in your culture who made an “impact” in America was a household staple.

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10. You were always chosen to play one of these three princesses.

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11. Heritage theme days were a little less extravagant for you than for your peers.

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12. You grew up with unconventional home remedies.

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13. Your house wasn’t very popular on Halloween.

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14. Your friends came over for dinner expecting this…

ID: 935285

But actually got served this.

ID: 935279

15. Every fight started and ended the same way.

ID: 935211

16. You and your parents communicated in your own hybrid language.

ID: 936271

17. You didn’t learn the same nursery rhymes as your classmates.

ID: 935646

18. You grew up reading these books.

ID: 931869

Instead of these books.

ID: 931872

19. Your weekends were spent at Hebrew/Chinese/whatever school.

ID: 936307

20. You had a Quinceañera instead of a Sweet 16.

ID: 935732

21. Your parents were dishonored when you tried to Americanize your name.

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22. You were jealous of the neighbor’s Christmas decorations.

ID: 935340

23. So you found creative ways to deal with it.

ID: 935344

24. You got to miss school for religious holidays!

ID: 935726

25. Assimilation meant DOUBLE PRESENTS!!

ID: 936612

26. Your response to “OMG say something in ______!” is…

ID: 930497

27. You were raised in the most loving environment and you wouldn’t change a thing.

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