’90s Movies Starring Ken Griffey Jr.

Your childhood wouldn’t have been the same without The Kid. Remember these movies all over again and then some.

1. “The Sandlot”

ID: 261917

2. “Little Giants”

ID: 261929

3. “Rookie of the Year”

ID: 261934

4. “Operation Dumbo Drop”

ID: 261943

5. “Teen Wolf”

Teen Wolf

ID: 261945

6. “White Men Can’t Jump”

ID: 261946

7. “Honey I Shrunk the Kid”

ID: 261947

8. “Heavyweights”

ID: 261950

9. “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”

ID: 261951

10. “A League of Their Own”

ID: 261955

11. “Junior”

ID: 261956

12. “Jumanji”


ID: 261958

13. “My Cousin Vinny”

ID: 261959

14. “D2: The Mighty Ducks”

ID: 261960

15. “Blank Check”

ID: 261961


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