10 Baseball Players Dressed Like Douchebags

Ever wonder what ballplayers look like out of their uniforms? These 10 look like douchebags.

1. David Wright

Nice headband David.

2. Ryan Braun

He looks like a skinnier Ronnie from Jersey Shore.

3. Jose Reyes

Jose is wearing two layers of shirt and yet his whole chest is still exposed. Why?

4. Hanley Ramirez

I don’t know what Remetee is, but I don’t like it.

5. Alex Rodriguez

Hey there sailor…

6. Evan Longoria

Ed Hardy skull shirt. Enough said.

7. Jonny Gomes

Ugly sunglasses: Check. Plaid suit: Check. Curly mohawk: Check.

8. Grady Sizemore

Gotta love the purple skull with a rose and angel wings coming out of it.

9. Brian Wilson

The important thing to notice in this outfit is the sweet cross with the dragon on it.

10. Homer Bailey

He’s wearing a shirt with a deer head on it WHILE HOLDING A FUCKING DEER’S HEAD.

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