21 Amanda Bynes Moments We Should Try To Remember Her By

And five things we need to forget. Let’s remember the good times.

1. In 1996, Amanda Bynes gained popularity with her “Ask Ashley” segment of the Nickelodeon show All That.

She was awesome.

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2. She was seen in All That as both a guest and regular cast member until 2002.

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3. Meanwhile, Bynes developed her own series, The Amanda Show.

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4. Popular sketches included “Blockblister,”

This family of foreigners operated an off-brand video store parody of Blockbuster. Hilarity ensued.

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5. “Judge Trudy,”

Way more fear-inducing than Judge Judy.

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6. and “Penelope Taynt.”

AMANDA’S NO. 1 FAN, also played by Amanda.

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7. After appearances on other TV series like Arli$$, The Nightmare Room, and The Drew Carey Show, Bynes’ first big movie break was Big Fat Liar in 2002.

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8. She dabbled in cartoon voice work as well.

Bynes was the voice of Taffy, the kids’ babysitter in the TV series Rugrats.

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9. Moving largely into big screen productions, Bynes took the role of of Daphne in What a Girl Wants.

And she was awesome, again.

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10. In 2005 came Love Wrecked.

Possibly the best movie plot of any movie, ever.

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11. From 2002–2006 Amanda starred in the TV series What I Like About You.

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12. Until 2006 brought possibly her best character to date, Viola in She’s The Man.

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13. It’s SO GIF-able.

ID: 1320579

14. Like… THE MOST GIF-able.

Chew like you have a secret.

ID: 1320582

15. Last one, promise.

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16. Equally monumental was her role as Penny in Hairspray come 2007.


ID: 1320592

17. In 2008 and 2009, she did two TV movies: Living Proof and Canned.

OK, OK, this is another She’s The Man GIF. Sue me.

ID: 1320595

18. Lastly, in 2010, she assumed the role of judgmental Jesus-freak Marianne in “Easy A.”

Sadly, this was the last we saw of Bynes on the big screen.

ID: 1320599

19. And she was hilarious, so like, can we have more of the old Amanda please?

ID: 1320602

20. More of this?

ID: 1320606

21. And this?

ID: 1320607

22. Because lately, she’s been looking like this…

(This is the start of the things we really need to try to block out of our memories.)

ID: 1320609

23. Amanda… what’re you doing…?

ID: 1320611

24. You need to stop saying things like this!

We look up to you! We love you! Stop it!

ID: 1320613

25. …and tweeting things like this.


ID: 1320616

I can’t post anymore of this. It’s too heartbreaking. Here’s to hoping this is all some grand scheme designed for her to make one hell of a comeback.

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