17 Stages Of Coming Out Of The Closet

Having a plane spell “I’m gay!” in the sky is still the most effective method.

1. First, you deny it even to yourself.

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2. You can admit it in your mind.

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3. You worry about people’s reactions.

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4. The secret eats away at you.

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5. You eventually confide in a close friend.

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6. The tiny taste of freedom is exhilarating.

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7. You start to tell a few more people.

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8. People react kindly.

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9. Some people are a little too reassuring as to how much it doesn’t bother them.

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10. Your confidence is boosted.

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11. You start answering “yes” when people ask if you’re gay.

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12. You change your Facebook “interested in” section.

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13. You start unleashing the gay tendencies you’ve been holding back.

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14. You’re now everyone’s “gay best friend.”

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15. You go to a gay club for the first time.

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16. You’re suddenly making out with another dude.

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17. The closet’s been smashed to pieces.

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