16 Adorable Bunnies Who Are Keeping It Real On Marriage Equality

The sagest of the small mammals.

1. Don’t get them wrong; the bunnies are thrilled about the DOMA and Prop. 8 rulings.

Hops of joy!

ID: 1316580

2. A rabbit mom just named this little newborn “Scotus,” actually.

ID: 1316636

3. And they’re all super excited for the residents of states that do allow gay marriage.

Lettuce = excitement.

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4. Because everyone can get married there! A toast to marriage equality!

Oh, bunnies. Silly you!

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5. And the federal government is all like, “Benefits!” And the bunnies are all like, “This is great!”

It is great!

ID: 1316825

6. But this bunny lives in Pennsylvania.

ID: 1316837

7. And she lives in Wisconsin.

ID: 1316852

8. They live in Texas, Nebraska, and Oregon, respectively.

ID: 1316859

9. And Pablo and Frank, here? They live in North Carolina.

They’re in lurrrrrrrve!

ID: 1316875

10. The bunnies want you to know that there are still more than three dozen states that don’t have marriage equality.

ID: 1316899

11. There, they no can haz weddings.

ID: 1316913

12. There, they still no can haz equality.

This doesn’t sit well with the bunnies.

ID: 1316920

13. This bunny and his unlikely dog pal are thrilled for the states that are making progress…

ID: 1316935

14. …but melancholy for those that are still awaiting change.

Anne Hathaway is a long-time marriage equality (and bunny..?) advocate. Just saying.

ID: 1316964

15. These bunnies want to celebrate the recent successes for equality.

ID: 1316975

16. While reminding and encouraging America to keep moving in the right direction.

ID: 1316983

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