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20 Hilarious Vines That Definitely Didn’t Go As Planned

So much derp, so few seconds.

1. This mom’s attempt to obey her daughter’s orders:

2. And this mom’s dance routine:

3. This man’s water balloon toss:

4. This Ice Bucket Challenge:

5. This woman’s attempt to have a panic-free trip to the aquarium:

6. This:

7. This girl’s dance:

8. And this girl’s dance:

9. And this girl’s jump:

10. This kicking of a soccer ball:

11. This guy’s dance:

12. This front flip on the trampoline:

13. This news story:

14. And this one:

15. This exercise ball collision:

16. This encounter with a swing:

17. This attempt to do Parkour:

18. This guy’s Wrecking Ball attempt:

19. This guy’s attempt to walk and talk about partying:

20. And this dance:

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