16 Signs You Grew Up In A Restaurant Family

Or if you are just curious what it’s like.

1. You started working at a young age.

Child labor laws? What are those?

ID: 1389147

2. And continued through middle school and high school

Change your salad dressing one more time and I will slap you.

ID: 1389173

3. Holidays:

ID: 1434066

Your Family

ID: 1434161

4. Summer:

ID: 1386425

Your friends.

ID: 1386318

5. Weekends:

ID: 1386456

Your friends.

ID: 1386002

6. WOO! Friday night off!?

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Don’t get too excited, you are still on call if it gets busy.

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7. You learned how to do this

Or some variation of preparing food.

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8. And one of your family members looked like this

ID: 1386130

9. You always ate well

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10. People would constantly ask you for a job

ID: 1388889

11. People would ask you dumb questions like, “do you get FREE FOOD?”

ID: 1388935

No, I pay my dad for meals…. seriously?

ID: 1386403

12. “Can you get ME some FREE FOOD?”

ID: 1388951

13. While other teens may have asked their parents for money,

ID: 1386009

You had your own cash.

Lots and lots of singles from tips.

ID: 1386018

14. So you could buy this the day you turned 16.


ID: 1389990

15. The best day of your life was training your younger siblings.

Passing the torch and moving on!

ID: 1385941

16. But…if you ever lose your job, there’s always a place for you.

ID: 1389963

for the rest of your life.

ID: 1389953

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