In 1947 This Lady Had A Seeing Eye Cat

What’d you ever do?

1. In 1947, Loran Smith photographed a blind woman and her seeing-eye cat for LIFE magazine.

ID: 1606532

2. The actual LIFE article doesn’t seem to be available online, but a little digging turned this up:

Davis County Clipper, January 31, 1947, via Utah Digital Newspapers.

ID: 1606695

3. So let’s see how this works.

ID: 1606578

4. Mr. Neighbor is all, “Can I help you cross the street?” and Mrs. Swanson is like, “Nah, I have a seeing eye cat, but thanks.”

ID: 1606567

5. Now it’s time to cross the street. Baby is on the case…

ID: 1606496

6. On a mission…

ID: 1606500

7. Scopin’ out threats…

ID: 1606561

8. Maybe sometimes not going in the right direction even…

ID: 1606539

9. But that’s OK. We got it now.

ID: 1606596

10. Most importantly, Baby is not going to let Mrs. Swanson step in front of any cars.

ID: 1606583

11. Back home after a busy day of seeing eye catting…

ID: 1606552

12. Snackin’ tough…

ID: 1606548

13. Earning medals and stuff…

ID: 1606530

14. …and showing off some cat lip.

ID: 1606512

15. Good job, Baby!

All images (except the first one) by Loran Smith, © Time Inc.

ID: 1606703

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