The 11 Most Irritating Types Of People On Instagram

We all want to know how the other half lives, though there’s such a thing as too much information. Think you’ve got a shot that will make people shout “O Snap”? Oasis #OSnap wants to see your best shot at a cliche’d Instagram snap - go for it!

1. The Foodie


Your mate who insists on photographing their every meal. You can almost smell their superiority complex.

…a photo can’t show you how it tastes, though.

2. Mr. Sausage Legs

Courtesy of Edmund Byrne / Via

This guy seems to spend his whole life by the pool or the sea. Has he ever worn trousers? Does he even go indoors?!

If you really want to impress us, try something like this:

3. The Duck Face Diva


She’s got 4,000 posts and she’s pulling the same face in every one. Less cute, more scary.

4. The Shirtless Wonder


Okay, he’s got a banging body - but the 30 topless selfies he posts every day show you he’s his own biggest fan.

What happened to his shirts? Our theory:

5. The Dog Parent


Look, we all love our furry friends - but when you’re dressing him up as a minor member of the royal family and spoonfeeding him yoghurt, something’s gone wrong.

Newsflash: that dog is NOT a toddler.

Nor is he a furry little person.

He’s a dog who’s unimpressed with you.

6. The Power Couple


They’re gorgeous. They have a gorgeous life, going gorgeous places, and they want you to know about every moment of it.

‘Look at us, we’re super loved up!’

Meanwhile, the rest of Earth…

7. The Amateur Artist


Even though the world is full of interesting stuff, this person goes out of their way to snap the most boring sights they can find, loading it up with ambitious hashtags like #art and #urban.

8. The Rich Kid


This guy is two years younger than you, but spends most of his day deciding which mega-expensive watch to wear to go shopping. It was funny at first, but now you’re sick of feeling like a peasant.

Look at the world caring so hard!

9. The Blinger


There are only so many photos of jewel-encrusted toothbrushes a person can look at without going mad.

10. The Trainer Maniac


We can only assume this person eats shoes and sleeps on a pile of them, because it’s all they ever seem to spend a penny on. Also, stop giving us shoe jealousy!

You don’t win friends with shoes, dude.

11. The Life Coach


She runs marathons, chews on wheatgrass and spews philosophy all day, every day on Instagram. Let’s face it; nobody likes a goody two-shoes.

Hey - we’re happy as we are!

Feeling inspired? Try your hand at a groan-inducing snap with O Snap from Oasis and you could win big - do your worst!

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