Inside The Koch Brothers’ Undisclosed Location

From time to time, Charles and David Koch convene a secret powwow of wealthy conservatives. This weekend’s conference, a source tells BuzzFeed, will be at the Park Hyatt Aviara in Carlsbad, California, near San Diego. Let’s check it out.

1. It sits high upon a hill…

ID: 385492

3. The lobby is pretty swank…

ID: 385495

5. Good lookin spa…

ID: 385503

6. Outdoor fireplace…

ID: 385504

7. It used to be a Four Seasons (this is from 2010) …

ID: 385506
ID: 385534

9. The grounds are charming…

ID: 385508

10. The pool has a spectacular view…

ID: 385541

11. Snow White liked it (but it wasn’t cheap)…

ID: 385538

12. And there might be belly-dancers.

ID: 385543

13. Nice choice, bro(s).

ID: 385517

14. Can Buzzfeed come with next time?

ID: 385496

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