A Compendium Of Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley’s Anti-Deer Tweets

One United States Senator’s war on the antlered set plays out on Twitter.

1. It started with a simple story.

The Daily Caller later identified the “Fred” in question as Fred Schuster, the Senator’s regional director based in Cedar Rapids.

ID: 725225

2. There were early hints of compassion.

ID: 725268

3. Then, as often happens, the Senator’s personal experience coalesced into a policy proposal…

ID: 725231

4. … and his hostility to deer became absolute and implacable.

ID: 725233

5. Chuck sought data to back up his anecdote.

ID: 725236

6. Last night, the cause started to become emotional…

ID: 725240

7. .. and finally today, the Senator had another—more conclusive—encounter.

ID: 725242

UPDATE: This post has been updated to add Grassley’s second tweet, which misspelled “deer” as “dear” and thus foiled our search. (h/t @benhjacobs)

ID: 725273

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