A Compendium Of Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley’s Anti-Deer Tweets

One United States Senator’s war on the antlered set plays out on Twitter.

1. It started with a simple story.

The Daily Caller later identified the “Fred” in question as Fred Schuster, the Senator’s regional director based in Cedar Rapids.

2. There were early hints of compassion.

3. Then, as often happens, the Senator’s personal experience coalesced into a policy proposal…

4. … and his hostility to deer became absolute and implacable.

5. Chuck sought data to back up his anecdote.

6. Last night, the cause started to become emotional…

7. .. and finally today, the Senator had another—more conclusive—encounter.

UPDATE: This post has been updated to add Grassley’s second tweet, which misspelled “deer” as “dear” and thus foiled our search. (h/t @benhjacobs)

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