10 Signs You’re A Gen Y Patient

The doctors may be in…but are they ready for us?

1. 1. You trust Dr. Google more than your actual doctor.

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2. 2. You’ve texted your friends for a diagnosis.

This counts as getting it checked out right?

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3. 3. When the doctor starts giving you all his sound medical advice, at first you’re like…

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4. …Until he says the words “not covered”, and then you’re all:

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5. 4. You found your doctor on Yelp.

You don’t drop your pants for anyone under 4 stars.

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6. 5. You blame all your afflictions on stress.

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7. 6. It’s easier for you to set up a 500-person event on Facebook than it is to view your insurance policy.

Asking where you had your first kiss is crossing the line into Creepytown…

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8. 7. You don’t believe in genetic limitations — you’ve seen The Biggest Loser.

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9. 8. You kind of wish you could get rewards points for staying healthy.

Health is nice, points are better.

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10. 9. You think it’s lame that everyone seems to have access to your medical record but you.

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11. 10. You think about how much easier it would be if you and your doctor could just text/Skype/Facetime.

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12. You know you can be a brat sometimes…

ID: 1418342

13. …but come on, you live in a world where you can get a status update on your pizza from bed.

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14. And you know that if going to the doctor were this easy and engaging…

ID: 1421479

15. …you would NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT.

ID: 1418241

16. And doesn’t that make you a brat worth treating…well?

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