Your Reaction To Last Night’s “Breaking Bad” As Told Through Jesse Pinkman GIFs

It was an emotional roller coaster, bitch. Major spoilers for those who haven’t seen last night’s episode. posted on

1. So the episode opens with Todd hitting on…Lydia?

She blinded him with science.

2. Then you find out that Jesse has a plan.

Goin’ after Mr. White’s money, yo. You got this, Jesse! Blowfish!

3. They’re going to find the money using Huell.

I don’t know about that one, guys…

4. Oh wait! It kind of worked!

Thanks, Mr. Babineaux!

5. Walt meets with Uncle Jack and the Nazis.

Please, Walt. No.

6. Walt, once again, tries to use Andrea and Brock to get what he wants.

Leave that family alone, Walt.

7. But it’s okay, because it doesn’t work.

You’ll never get Jesse, Walt.

8. Saul and Walter Jr have a scene together!

Easily a series highlight.

9. “Got my photo, bitch?”

Holy shit. This is happening.

10. Walt confesses to murders on a call that is surely being recorded by Hank and Gomey.

The tension could not be handled.

11. Walt gives up. The cuffs are slapped on. His rights are read.

Walter White got Walter White-d.

12. It’s over.

13. But wait…

14. This man exists.

You beautiful, mad genius.

15. Walt sees the White Power Gang arriving to To’hajiilee.

Oh shit.

16. Everyone’s ready to shoot and suddenly you’re like…

Everybody, run!!!

17. The shots start going off.

21. Executive Producer Vince Gilligan

22. Until next week, everyone.

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