This E.T. Theory Involving Star Wars Will Blow Your Mind

The answer was in front of us all along.

1. Reddit user jWiessing posted a shocking theory about E.T. involving everyone’s favorite Jedi master.

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This theory popped up on Reddit and links to an Imgur page. It’s not entirely clear who created the theory. What is clear is that it’s amazing.

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2. First of all, as everyone remembers, Yoda is a well known figure in the Senate Chamber.

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3. Since E.T. creatures exist in Star Wars (they can be seen clearly in the Senate Chamber in Episode II), it’s reasonable to assume they know Yoda.

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4. In E.T., one of them comes to Earth and meets a young boy, Elliot.

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5. Elliot plays with Star Wars toys, which is kinda weird.

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6. E.T. meets a kid who’s dressed up as Yoda for Halloween… and recognizes him.

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E.T. says, “home… home…”

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7. It’s reasonable to assume that E.T. can make bikes and toys fly by using the force. Which must mean…

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8. E.T. IS A F****** JEDI!

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9. This is you right now:

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