19 Signs You’re Seriously Over This Generation’s Pop Culture


1. You can’t stand the sight of another Beyoncé photo.

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2. You automatically defriend anyone who says they LOOOOOVE the Kardashians.


Why is this a thing? Why? WHHHHHYYYYY?!

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3. You find yourself listening to ’80s and ’90s music because it reminds you of a time when you actually liked things.

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4. You want to gouge your eyes out when you see a movie poster that’s a sequel, prequel, or spin-off.

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5. You stopped watching The Discovery Channel because they stopped airing interesting documentaries about African wildlife.

Discovery Channel
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6. You quit Instagram because of people who have an obnoxious obsession with selfies.

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7. You quit Twitter because of the goddamn #hashtags.

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8. You punch a wall whenever you see an inspirational quote that was done on InstaText.

No shit.

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9. You quit talking to friends who obsess over Friends.

Warner Bros.
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10. Your brain hurts when you listen to contemporary hip-hop.

I don’t know what I’m listening to, but I need to leave the room and take some aspirin.

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11. Your ears bleed when you listen to contemporary pop music.

What is that really annoying sound coming from downstairs? Is that the Taylor Swift?

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12. You scream at the super energetic fans in the pit section of an MTV awards show… through your TV.



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13. Your left eye twitches when your friends start quoting Mean Girls.

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14. You take one look at anything on The Disney Channel and you throw up a little.

New Line Cinema
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15. You tune out the moment someone introduces the word “housewives” into the conversation.

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16. You watch marathons of old TV shows because you can’t stand to watch anything that’s on right now.

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17. Your acid reflux starts acting up when you hear the newest teen catchphrase that makes absolutely no sense.

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18. You stopped going to the movies because everything you watch is pretty much shit.

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19. You pull your hair out when you see a band name that thinks they’re “quirky.”

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If you’re all too familiar with these things, then you’re probably a hater.

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That’s right. A HATER.

Comedy Central
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Everybody in this world has a job. Some people love. Others hate. One cannot exist without the other. So if you’re a hater, be a proud hater.



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