This Is What Happens When Two Dudes Watch A Zac Efron Movie

We watched it so you don’t have to.

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As an experiment we – Justin and Norberto, two BuzzFeed writers – decided to step out of our comfort zones and take a dive into what can only be described as the Nicholas Sparks zone. There, we would face something neither of us were super familiar with: Zac Efron in a melodrama.

Starring Efron and Taylor Schilling, The Lucky One (2012) is based on the best-selling Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name. Zac plays a marine who finds a photo of a woman (Schilling) while in combat in Afghanistan. After escaping death multiple times, he believes the photo actually saved his life. Upon returning home, Zac sets out to find the woman in the photo.

Spoiler: This is one of the worst movies ever.

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We open with a lovely shot of a boat traveling on a river. Zac Efron, in voice over, talks about “destiny.”

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ID: 2845340

Suddenly, we’re thrown into a hardcore battle sequence taking place in Afghanistan.

ID: 2843663

Justin Abarca: This is like Zero Dark Thirty.
Norberto Briceño: This doesn’t look like a Nicholas Sparks novel.
JA: Zac’s gonna be the lucky one to make it out alive of this gun battle.
NB: This is what it looks like when Zac plays around with a machine gun.

ID: 2840282

After the battle sequence, Zac finds a photo of a girl.

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ID: 2843579

And then, there’s an explosion.

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ID: 2840285

BOTH: Whoa!

ID: 2840286

Eight months later, Zac is riding in a humvee when – surprise! – there’s another explosion.

ID: 2843754

Both: Whoa!

ID: 2840299

Somehow, we are now back in the States, watching Zac walk down a suburban cul-de-sac.

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ID: 2840300

JA: Nobody went to pick him up?

ID: 2840303

Nothing really happens until Zac Efron, who was sleeping, suddenly takes down his nephew who snuck up on him in bed. The kid is horrified.

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Warner Bros.

ID: 2843793

BOTH: Whoa!

ID: 2840309

Zac walks away from home with a dog. Title sequence begins.

Warner Bros.

ID: 2845410

JA: Ten minutes of exposition. Could’ve been reduced. Why did he take the dog?
NB: Probably to make the audience like him. “Look he has a dog! This is who you’re supposed to like!”

ID: 2840314

After asking TWO people, Zac discovers the woman in the picture’s name is Beth and that she works at a dog kennel. He walks into a barn and Beth is standing there because why wouldn’t she be?

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ID: 2840318

NB: Wait, he found the girl already?
JA: It’s the girl from Orange is the New Black!

ID: 2840320

Instead of telling Beth about the photo immediately, Zac takes a job at the dog kennel with Beth and her grandmother (Blythe Danner). Beth’s grandmother likes Zac because he looks “harmless.”

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Warner Bros.

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ID: 2843832

JA: Zac Efron will forever look 16.
NB: Zac Efron has an easy life. He found the girl he’s looking for and got offered a job he wasn’t even asking for. Zac Efron looks “harmless” because he’s white. What if Zac Efron was black? Would this be the same movie?

ID: 2840327

Stan from Mad Men appears in a cop uniform.

Warner Bros.


ID: 2843856

JA: Hey! It’s Stan from Mad Men
NB: Why is Stan from Mad Men being mean to Zac?
JA: Oh, Stan from Mad Men is Beth’s ex-husband.
NB: That’s why he’s being a prick.

ID: 2840406

They then go to a fundraiser for a mayor that never has anything to do with the plot ever again.

Warner Bros.

ID: 2840407

NB: There are a lot of white people in this movie.
JA: It’s Louisiana. There are no P.O.C.

ID: 2840409

While walking his dog, Zac talks to Beth’s blonde kid, who’s playing a violin in the woods alone like a weirdo.

ID: 2843881

NB: Zac looks kinda creepy.

ID: 2840413

Then Blythe Danner and Zac drive in a truck. There is a lot of driving in this same truck in the movie.

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ID: 2840415

NB: Blythe looks good.
JA: Very pretty.
NB: Never ages.

ID: 2840418

Beth, Zac, and blonde kid are about to have dinner when they suddenly start dancing.

ID: 2843933

BOTH: ::Awkward chuckle::

ID: 2840470

After leaving flowers at her brother’s grave, Beth tends to her garden and for some reason loses her shit. But Zac is there to console her.

Warner Bros.

ID: 2845449

NB: Beth went from screaming to laughing to crying and Zac never said a word. He’s completely useless.
JA: That book in the wall in is very Pinterest-y.

ID: 2840504

Montage of playing with dogs.

ID: 2843617

JA: More like a dogtage.

ID: 2840511

After going out for beers, Zac and Beth make out. Zac utters the line, “I want to kiss you every day, every hour, every minute.”

Warner Bros.

ID: 2840524

BOTH: ::Awkward chuckle::

ID: 2840527

Beth watches at a distance while Zac does some heavy lifting. She sensually washes a pot.

ID: 2844114

JA: The pot is a metaphor for masturbation.

ID: 2840532

During a power outage, Zac and Beth get frisky. Wait… are they going to have CHAIR SEX!?

Warner Bros.

ID: 2840533

BOTH: Whoa!

ID: 2840534

However, the electricity comes back on.

Warner Bros.

ID: 2840535

JA: Zac Efron was cockblocked by electricity.

ID: 2840537

After dropping off her blonde kid and getting into a fight with Stan, Beth returns home and has OUTDOOR SHOWER SEX with Zac.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

ID: 2844991

NB: Did they really need to get under the shower head?

ID: 2840636

Zac grabs Beth’s butt.

Warner Bros.

ID: 2840640

Both: ::awkward chuckle::

ID: 2840643

One hour and five minutes into the film, Zac FINALLY goes shirtless.

ID: 2840660

Both: ::applause::

ID: 2840662

Beth grabs Zac’s butt.

Warner Bros.

ID: 2840667

Both: WHOA!!!

ID: 2840669

For some reason, Stan breaks into Zac’s house, finds the photo, and shows it to Beth. He tells her that Zac is a stalker.

ID: 2845085

NB: I still don’t get why the photo is such a big deal. Stan is absolutely right about Zac. He is a stalker.
JA: He is dangerous.

ID: 2840780

Zac explains to Beth how he got the photo in the first place. An epic monologue ensues, where Zac dramatically says that finding that picture of Beth “was like finding an angel in hell!”

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ID: 2843263


ID: 2843265

Zac leaves with his head down. However, the blonde kid chases after him. It’s at this moment that we finally discover that Zac’s movie name is Logan.

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ID: 2843328

BOTH: Ohhhhh.

ID: 2843334

The next day, a drunken Stan stops Zac and his dog as they’re leaving a farmer’s market. He snatches an apple from Zac’s grocery bag, bites into it, and spits in his face. The poor dog just watches like, “Daaaaamn!”

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

ID: 2845233

NB: That was awesome.

ID: 2843378

Drunken Stan goes back to Beth’s to try and woo her. He begins professing his love for her by talking about the plates. “I’ve always loved these plates.”

Warner Bros.

ID: 2843402

BOTH: ????

ID: 2843410

The kid for some reason decides to run away to his treehouse in the middle of a rainstorm. As he’s crossing a bridge, it snaps, causing him to hang for dear life.

Warner Bros.

ID: 2843420

NB: (RE: Kid) That’s what you get.

ID: 2843428

Zac and Beth arrive to the scene. While Beth screams her head off, Stan heroically saves his child with Zac’s help.

Warner Bros.

ID: 2843442

However, the treehouse breaks and falls on Stan.

ID: 2843446


ID: 2843448

After we see the tree fall on Stan, the scene cuts to an ambulance. WORST EDIT EVER.

Warner Bros.

ID: 2843493

JA: Is Stan dead!? What happened?
NB: I think he’s dead. The kid killed Stan.
JA: Kid will grow up to be a serial killer.
NB: Stan was a hero. He didn’t need to die. That kid is an asshole.

ID: 2843499

After Stan’s death by treehouse, Zac says goodbye for the last time and leaves for good. However, Beth has a change of heart and runs after him in slow-motion. They kiss.

ID: 2843736

NB: This is taking way longer than it should.
JA: Why is she dressed like a ghost?

ID: 2843529

The final shot is of them riding on a boat. In voice over, Zac talks about destiny or something. The end.

Warner Bros.

ID: 2845487

NB: Beth and Zac have no chemistry.
JA: There is no reason to shoot this film in Louisiana other than the tax benefits.

ID: 2843549

In conclusion, we are both in love with Blythe Danner now.

Warner Bros.

ID: 2845523

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