19 Times Mister Rogers Proved He Could Do Anything

The most interesting man in the neighborhood.

1. Mister Rogers taught us that you don’t build a manly physique overnight.

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This is what discipline looks like.

ID: 2442528

2. Look at that incredible underhand shot. Homie was a baller.

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ID: 2443863

3. Ice-skating legend Peggy Fleming pales to Mr. Rogers’ technical prowess in the ice rink.

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ID: 2442300

4. Dude went snorkeling like he was Aquaman.

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ID: 2442845

And he liked kickin’ it with his fish.

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ID: 2443807

5. He could have fun on a see-saw all by himself.

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ID: 2447593

6. He was secretly a martial arts master.

He was never able to properly show off his skills since everyone loved him and he had no enemies.

ID: 2442938

7. Mister Rogers also knew how to work the dance floor.

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ID: 2442350

When you’re feeling angry, just breakdance as hard as you can.

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ID: 2442384

Moonwalk those negative feelings away.

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ID: 2442409

8. He was a musical genius. Here he is playing a tuba.

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ID: 2456894

9. Look at him bang that gong.

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ID: 2457228

10. Play music with only tin cans and two pencils? Homie has done it.

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ID: 2457494

11. He was not afraid to get his hands dirty with a little manual labor.

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ID: 2448187

12. Look at him go to work on that sink.

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He dedicated an entire episode to washers. Don’t know what a washer is? Mr. Rogers would be ashamed.

ID: 2444166

13. He got the cast of STOMP to help him sweep the house.


ID: 2443200

14. Here he is planting a tree.




This man’s gardening skills are impeccable. He is indeed planting an orange tree inside of a small flower pot.

ID: 2451751

15. He squeezed orange juice with his own brawny hands.

PBS / Via amazon.com

And drank it with pulp and everything. Hardcore.

ID: 2442984

16. He had an affinity for exotic foods.

PBS / Via amazon.com

Like this cheese-wrapped banana.

ID: 2457344

17. This man could hold his own in the face of death. Like the time he found a dead goldfish in his aquarium.



ID: 2451775

He sprung into action and did everything he could to revive it.

PBS / Via amazon.com
ID: 2448514

But it was of no use, so he gave it a proper burial.

PBS / Via amazon.com
ID: 2448555

18. This video of Mr. Rogers chillin’ with Koko might be the most badass/adorable thing you’ll ever see.

ID: 2449087

19. He even knew how to pick out an awesome man-cave.

PBS / Via amazon.com

He had a sandbox, an aquarium, a picture-picture, and a traffic light. What more could a man ask for?

ID: 2451033

This man was so friggin’ awesome and he knew it.

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ID: 2443795

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