37 Thoughts A Minority In A Hoodie Has While Shopping In Beverly Hills

SMDH. So this happened to me.

1. Whoa! It feels a bit chilly! ::puts on hoodie::

ID: 3240304

2. What do I feel like listening to today?
3. I could listen to 2Pac or I could listen to the Sunday in the Park with George Soundtrack. This is a hard choice.
4. Sunday in the Park with George it is!
5. Damn it! My left ear bud is out!

ID: 3242576

6. I need some new ear buds.
7. Oh, look! A drugstore!
8. They gotta have some headphones, right?

ID: 3242737

10. Oh. They’re locked in a glass case.

ID: 3241902

11. I’ll just push this handy-dandy button that says “CUSTOMER SERVICE” on it.

ID: 3240353

::pushes button::

12. I guess I’ll just wait here.

::elevator music::

ID: 3241897


ID: 3241893

Security Guard #1: “Excuse me, sir. Could I help you?”
ME: “Oh. I’m just waiting for someone to unlock this so I can buy some headphones.”
Security Guard #1: “Did you push the button?”
ME: “Yup. I did.”

::Security Guard #1 leaves::

13. Hmmm.

::pushes button again::
::elevator music::

ID: 3240551


ID: 3242001

Security Guard #2: “Excuse me, sir. Could I help you?”
ME: “Uhhh. Just waiting for someone to help me out. I just want to buy some headphones.”
Security Guard #2: “Did you push the button?”
ME: “…Yes.”

::Security Guard #2 leaves::

14. Hmmm. That was weird.
15. OK. Where is this “customer service” person? I seriously need these headphones.

::approaches a cashier lady::

ID: 3240577


ID: 3242195

ME: “Hello. I want to buy some headphones.”
Cashier: “Push the button and someone will come to you.”
ME: “I pushed it but no one came.”
Cashier: “Push it again.”

ID: 3240629

::pushes button::
::Both security guards now appear to “browse” through items that are conspicuously close to the headphone area::

16. Are these security guards shopping while on the job?
17. Maybe they’re looking for items to buy later?
18. Maybe they’re really interested in cheap alarm clocks?

::Security Guard #1 stares right at me::

19. For some reason, I don’t feel welcome here.
20. Is he… staring at me?

ID: 3240693



ID: 3242301

Security guard #1: “Son, you’ve been here for awhile now.”

21. Did this motherfucker just call me “son”?

ME: “Uh. I pushed the button. The cashier told me to wait here. So I’m waiting.”
Security Guard #2: “Are you giving us attitude?”
ME: “Nope. I just want to buy some headphones.”
Security Guard #1: “Do you mind opening your bag for us?”
ME: “Yup. I do mind.”
Security Guard #2: “Do you want us to call the cops?”

22. Cops? Why would he call the cops?!

ME: “I don’t see how calling the cops will help me buy some headphones.”
Security Guard #2: “Open your bag or we’ll be forced to call the cops.”

23. Is this really happening?
24. Are they serious?
25. Is this really fucking happening?
26. AGAIN?!

ME: “Dude. I’m just trying to buy some headphones.”
Security Guard #1: “Sir. Open your bag or we’re going to have to ask you to leave.”


::Drugstore associate finally arrives, opens the case, and hands me some headphones::

ID: 3240917


ID: 3242431

::Security Guards walking close behind::

28. Are they… following me?

ME: “Guys. I know where the cashier is.”
Security guard #2: “If you got nothing to hide, this shouldn’t be a problem.”

::pays for headphones::
::leaves store::

ID: 3241021

29. I’m pissed.
30. I’m sad.
31. I’m shocked.
32. I’m confused.
33. I’m fuming.
34. I’m embarrassed.
35. I’m hurt.
36. I’m just…
37. Would this have happened to me if I were white?

ID: 3241039


ID: 3242917

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