This Japanese Interactive Music Video Is Super Insane And Awesome

What happens when you throw Pokemon, Ghosts and Goblins, Doom, and Final Fantasy into a giant blender? Japan has found the answer.

1. “Parallax View” is a video experience from Japanese voice actress Sumire Uesaka.

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ID: 2535001

2. The video starts just like any other YouTube embed on Tumblr.

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ID: 2534215

3. But as soon as you click on the “play” button…

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ID: 2534260

4. You will be taken on the most breath-taking journey you’ve ever experienced.

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ID: 2534271

5. First, you will descend to the depths of hell.

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ID: 2535259

6. Then, watch a video of a girl in a kimono singing alongside 16-bit humans being tortured.

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ID: 2535385

7. You will shoot demons in the face with an AK-47.

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ID: 2535292

8. You will take part in a revolution while catching flying guitars and drum sets.

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ID: 2535322

9. And ride in a boxcar next to this dude who can perform a sick guitar solo with a box on his head.

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ID: 2535339

10. You will probably feel like this by the end.

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ID: 2534311

11. Click “START” to have your mind blown (CAUTION: There are lots of bright colors, flashing lights, and strobe effects. Proceed with extreme caution).

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ID: 2534330

12. If you’re on a mobile device, here’s the YouTube video (although you probably won’t get the full experience).

ID: 2534846

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