This Is Why You Don’t Let Fans Pick World Cup Team Slogans

This is what happens when you let the internet decide things.

Hyundai held a competition that allowed fans to submit slogans for their national teams. The winners would have their slogans emblazoned across the side of their team’s bus.

ID: 2982117

Here are the winners (yes, these are real):

ID: 2982207

1. Algeria

The desert warriors are indeed in Brazil.

ID: 2966352

2. Argentina

You don’t say?

ID: 2982369

3. Australia

Get it? Because, like, Australia has kangaroos.

ID: 2982452

4. Belgium

That’s impossible.

ID: 2983561

5. Bosnia and Herzegovina

FYI, Dragons play soccer.

ID: 2983638

6. Brazil

Westeros is apparently playing in the World Cup.

ID: 2983708

7. Cameroon

Cameroon = Consistency.

ID: 2983836

8. Chile


ID: 2983917

9. Colombia

Colombia fits in a bus.

ID: 2984029

10. Costa Rica

You go Costa Rica!

ID: 2984080

11. Ivory Coast

“Screw it. We’ll just send a stampede.”

ID: 2984109

12. Croatia

If it worked for Rocky, it’ll work for Croatia.

ID: 2984165

13. Ecuador

How many players are on the Ecuadorian national team? One.

ID: 2984245

14. England

Fun fact: Shakespeare was born in England.

ID: 2984387

15. France

Yes, it is. It’s “impossible.”

ID: 2984434

16. Germany

One cliché.

ID: 2984505

17. Ghana

Astronomers would disagree.

ID: 2984544

18. Greece

Do they really?

ID: 2984603

19. Honduras

Honduras is both a country and a nation.

ID: 2984656

20. Iran


ID: 2984748

21. Italy


ID: 2984803

22. Japan

This one is actually pretty badass.

ID: 2984859

23. South Korea


ID: 2984915

24. Mexico

Until Spain arrived… (too soon?)

ID: 2985018

25. Netherlands

Orange is the new pink.

ID: 2985195

26. Nigeria

A lot of teams tend to forget this (*cough* CRISTIANO RONALDO *cough*).

ID: 2985240

27. Portugal

You can’t predict the future, silly Portugal.

ID: 2985302

28. Russia


ID: 2985326

29. Spain

Revised slogan: “FUCK ALL Y’ALL! THE CHAMP IS HERE!”

ID: 2985363

30. Switzerland

The Swiss apparently have tickets to see the World Cup final.

ID: 2985732

31. Uruguay

Uruguay has THREE MILLION DREAMS! Suck it, Germany!

ID: 2985771

32. United States


ID: 2985817

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