23 Highly Important Problems Only People Who Smoke Weed Would Understand

Get off your high horse and let’s weed out these issues, bluntly.

1. When you buy a lighter every time you go to the corner store, but you can’t find it when you truly need it.

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2. When you drop your glass pipe and it breaks, because – you know – glass.

jennconspiracy/ Flickr: jennconspiracy

You wanted cheap. You got cheap.

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3. The frustration of having to roll up a joint when you’ve run out of options.

“I can’t do it. MY FINGERS ARE TOO BIG!!!”

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4. When dispensaries close at an obscene hour.

Dominic Simpson/ Flickr: goodnight_london

7:00 P.M.?!?!?!?! What kind of sick joke is this?

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5. When you underestimate the power of an edible.

Prensa 420/ giphy.com

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6. Trying to contain your giggles in a public setting.

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7. When you have to meet your family in a couple of minutes but you don’t have any eye drops.

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8. When you’re pumped up and ready to study for your final and then you accidentally smoke indica instead of sativa.


The dreadful day you learned the difference between the two.

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9. Seeds in your buds.

This is some terrible shit, tbh.

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10. Toking while on a diet.

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11. When your Medical Marijuana card expires and you have to pay $40 for a new one.

Richard Chubb/ snapsandstories.com
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12. When it’s an emergency, the struggle of having to find someone with a Medical Marijuana card to buy your stuff.

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13. When you start coughing up a lung and your chest feels like it’s burning in the inside and it actually feels like this:

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14. Smoking weed that’s over a week old.

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15. When you smoke waaaaaaay too much and you feel like someone is following you, but none of your friends believe you.

20th Century Fox
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16. Pot lip.


“I need – I think I need some water.”

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17. When you find yourself staring at random shit for a long time.

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18. When you let way too much smoke build up in your bong.

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19. When you’ve smoked all the weed in the pipe and you accidentally start inhaling ash.

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20. When you go onto the internet to look up something but then you forget why you were on the internet in the first place.

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21. When you’re at the movie theater, and you bust out your vaporizer, only to realize that you forgot to charge it up.

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22. When you have a hard time convincing people that you’re actually more productive when you smoke.

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23. And finally, convincing people smoking weed is quite possibly the greatest thing you can do.

Comedy Central

Feeling shitty? Don’t worry. Smoke a doobie.

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