21 Santo Movie Posters That Prove He Was Mexico’s Ultimate Badass

What happens when you combine James Bond, Superman, and Hulk Hogan? You get El Santo. But it gets better: He’s Mexican!

This is El Santo. He was a wrestling legend and a Mexican cultural icon.

His wrestling career spanned over 40 years, starting in 1942.

ID: 2806358

When he wasn’t selling out arenas throughout Latin America, he was acting in films as his wrestling persona.

He performed in 54 films, fighting everything from zombies to Nazis.

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Here are 21 of his most badass movie posters:

ID: 2806512

1. Remember when Santo could breathe in outer space? Plus, he had three giant flying saucers looking for him.

Lions Gate
ID: 2801953

2. In this film, Santo didn’t need to drive a stake through Dracula’s heart. That’s why he used his fists.

Lions Gate
ID: 2805160

3. Who could forget when Santo took on Frankenstein’s monster and the Wolf Man in a 2-on-1 handicap match? They could not handle Santo’s panther-like agility.

Lions Gate
ID: 2802106

4. But Wolf Man would not give up. So in this film, he tag-teamed with Dracula to face-off against Santo and his partner Blue Demon. They could not handle their machismo.

Lions Gate
ID: 2802136

5. Three times the charm! Wolf Man enlisted the help of The Mummy, The Vampire, The Lady Vampire, The Cyclops, and “Franquestein.” They all lost. Again.

Lions Gate
ID: 2802294

6. In this film, Santo proved he was a feminist when he strangled “The Strangulator of Women.” Yes. That was his name.

Lions Gate
ID: 2805214

7. FYI, Santo once ate “Los Zombies” for breakfast.

Lions Gate
ID: 2805050

8. Only Santo could fight Vampire Women and still be a gentleman about it.

Lions Gate
ID: 2805090

9. El Santo once needed an army to fight The Mummies of Guanajuato. And by army, I mean Blue Demon and Mil Mascaras. That’s it.

Lions Gate
ID: 2805289

10. Only Santo could check into the Hotel of Death and give it a 5-star rating.

Lions Gate
ID: 2805319

11. Santo sometimes wrestled with a machine gun. NBD.

Lions Gate
ID: 2805333

12. Somehow, a film company in Turkey came up with the genius idea of putting Captain America, Spiderman, and Santo in one movie. The screen blew up.

Lions Gate
ID: 2805348

13. Santo jumped off of a helicopter to take down “The Murderer of T.V.” You do not get in between Santo and his telenovelas.

Lions Gate
ID: 2805392

14. Santo and Blue Demon never take off their masks. EVER. Not even on a double date.

Lions Gate
ID: 2805413

15. Santo killed the “King of Crime” with a Gorilla Press Drop.

Lions Gate
ID: 2805524

16. Santo rewrote history when he single-handedly defeated the Nazis.

Lions Gate
ID: 2802156

17. Santo always welcomed a suicide mission. Look how happy he looked!

Lions Gate
ID: 2805572

18. When someone stabbed Santo in the heart, he went to hell, kicked everyone’s ass, and returned to earth to seek revenge. Based on a true story.

Lions Gate
ID: 2805627

19. When Santo wanted to speak to you in private, you knew you were in deep shit.

Lions Gate
ID: 2805764

20. One part that’s often left out of the famous “La Llorona” folktale is the part where Santo defeated her with a Figure-Four Leg Lock.

Lions Gate
ID: 2805138

21. No one knows how Santo got himself into this situation. All we know was that he suplexed a demon and won.

Lions Gate
ID: 2805852
Lions Gate
ID: 2807214

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