This Is How England Feels About The World Cup Right Now


1. England lost yesterday for the second time in a row, sending them to the brink of elimination.

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2. All they needed was for Italy to win over Costa Rica…

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3. That didn’t happen. Costa Rica beat Italy 1-0, officially knocking England out of the World Cup.

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4. Twitter responded accordingly:

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Looks like England's packing their bags home after Spain.

— IWEARHERATIC (@iwearheratic)
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When you realize England,Spain and Italy OR Uruguay will all NOT be featuring in the round of 16 But Costa Rica will

— umer zaman (@_Creative__Mind)
ID: 3187184

England fans looking at Italy like..

— Football Jokes (@LaughingFooty)
ID: 3187188

Ha ha #England

— John niven (@Johnniven)
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The England team get some extra training in before the match with Costa Rica

— Don (@Belfastdon)
ID: 3187164

BREAKING: England fans with a message to Costa Rica.

— Football Tweets (@FutballTweets)
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England, please wait...

— FTF Football (@TahitiFootball)
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13. This is all of England:

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14. Don’t worry. There’s always four years from now.

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