22 Tweets Only Stoners Would Understand

Life is far from kushy. Here are some tweets that perfectly depict the struggle stoners have to go through in their everyday lives.


1. When you find a late night McDonald’s at 3 a.m.

2. When you open up a box of Pringles.

3. When Pizza Hut doesn’t have the toppings you want.

4. When you think you’ve revolutionized everyday kitchen appliances. (h/t @gcsocial and

5. The labyrinth that is a 24-hour Walgreens.

Being high at the grocery store like #LiftedAtTheMoment #stonerproblems

— अच्छा वाइब्स ☪ (@Teencatpuke)


6. It doesn’t matter how hard we try, stoners will always have issues keeping track of their lighters.

#stonerproblems too true

— Bree ♡ (@goreandwhores)

7. Like, for real.


— Stoner Quotes (@QuotesofaStoner)

Texting people back:

8. Trust me. It’s not you. It’s not even me. It just…is.

Yass! #stonerproblems

— ❁ Flower Child ❁ (@gee_thirteen)

9. But it’s the thought that counts.

My life #StonerProblems

— Tiffany ♛ (@tiffanyyamber)

Critical failures in marijuana hardware:

10. Vapes are amazing except when they’re not.

Where's the plug at #StonerProblems

— Prada Soul Panther (@HashtagDarrel)

11. But ashtrays are ALWAYS amazing when you have one.

ashes on the table from cashed bowls #stonerproblems

— k. (@2_Strainz)

12. When people just don’t get why your nails are so long.

The reason I get my nails long is so that I won't get burned by the roach #StonerProblems @_StonerBabes ☺️☺️❤️❤️

— samantha ayala (@sam_ayala07)

Having to operate in an everyday environment:

13. Facebook login is just the worst.

;Pretty sure every stoner had this problem at one point in there stoner life #stonerproblems ❤️

— .~Kush~. (@_StonerLyfe_)

14. And so is public speaking.

@SpliffMeister How you feel when you you smoke before having to give a speech. #StonerProblems

— Alberto Capone™ (@TooDayzed)

15. And so is pretty much everything else IRL.

Lmfao all the fuxkin time #stonerproblems

— Amberr✨ (@BurrxO)

Trying to hide your highness from your parents:

16. Your mom will ALWAYS know when something ain’t right with you.


— Chill.. (@stacx_gotbread)

17. She will always know.


— Terence Mckenna (@trippymckenna)

18. It doesn’t matter how hard you try.

Thats a lot of empty spray bottles #stonerproblems

— Therman Murman (@B1g_Me3ch)

19. You will always slip up somehow.

How I feel sometimes after I get to work. #StonerProblems

— ThoughtsOfAStonerツ (@stoner_bliss)


20. When you just can’t get enough.


— Chill.. (@stacx_gotbread)

21. And you start losing control.


— Maryjane (@_Blzdnconfused)

22. And when shit finally hits the fan.

lmaooo,,,#StonerProblems #StonerNation ... ;)

— laa laa loopsieeee (@loopsy_laa)

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