You’ll Never Bake A Cake The Same Way Ever Again

Things you’ll need: An orange, fire, axe, and pure badassery.

1. According to YouTuber NorthSurvival, you can actually bake a cake in an orange.

That’s right, AN ORANGE!

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2. First, you gotta start a fire.

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3. Then, you take an orange and cut in half. If you’re a badass, you’ll use an axe.

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4. Then, using a jackknife, take out all the pulp from both halves.

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5. Then, you dump your pre-mix batter into one of your orange bowls.

NorthSurvival uses 3.4 oz. sugar, 1.6 oz. flour, 1 oz. cocoa, 1 egg, and 1 oz. olive oil or butter.

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6. Once you’ve filled up your orange bowl to the rim, use the other half as a lid.

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7. And use some toothpicks to secure the lid shut.

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8. Take your orange, place it in the burning coals and let it sit there for 10-15 minutes.

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9. After letting it bake, take it out of the coals, and remove the lid.

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10. And finally, EAT IT.

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You can subscribe to NorthSurvival’s YouTube channel here.

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