18 Ways El Chapulín Colorado Is Mexico’s Greatest Export

More agile than a turtle, stronger than a mouse, nobler than a piece of lettuce, and wears his heart on his chest…

This is El Chapulín Colorado. He’s Mexico’s answer to Superman and also the greatest superhero of all time.

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1. When someone is in distress, Chapulín appears almost instantaneously to save the day.

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Batman could learn a thing or two from him.

2. He can breathe in space.

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Side note: They speak Spanish out there.

3. He’s got the powers of a Jedi, only better…

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He’s a Mexican.

4. Nobody can rock yellow and red better than Chapulín.

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Iron Man stole his color scheme.

5. The Paralyzing Horn is the most lethal weapon on his utility belt.

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Batman has many weapons in his arsenal, but none of them compare to La Chicharra Paralizadora.

6. His hammer is a zillion times more powerful than Thor’s.

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7. Superman can fly, but Chapulín looks like a freakin’ baller doing it.

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8. He has the ability to shrink.

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How is this a superpower? I don’t know but it’s awesome.

9. His antennae can detect danger a million miles away.

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Way better than the Spidey Sense. And he doesn’t cry as much as Peter Parker.

10. This is how he powers up:


11. His hand-to-hand combat will leave you awestruck.

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Did he train in the League of Shadows? Krypton? Jedi school? Nope. He trained on the mean streets of Mexico City.

12. The Avengers might have The Hulk, but Mexicans have El Chapulín Colorado.

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13. His rival is a superhero named “Super Sam.”

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He looks like Uncle Sam and Superman’s love child, carries a bag of money, speaks Spanish with the thickest American accent ever, and his catchphrase is “TIME IS MONEY!”

14. He moves faster than The Flash.

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Don’t blink or you’ll miss him!

15. The man fears nothing.

16. He saves Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs from the Evil Witch.

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17. He went face-to-face against Hitler and won.

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The history books are wrong.

18. And finally, he has the greatest catchphrase of all time.

Translation: I’m a badass mofo.

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