18 Ways El Chapulín Colorado Is Mexico’s Greatest Export

More agile than a turtle, stronger than a mouse, nobler than a piece of lettuce, and wears his heart on his chest…

This is El Chapulín Colorado. He’s Mexico’s answer to Superman and also the greatest superhero of all time.

Televisa / Via cylex.com.mx
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1. When someone is in distress, Chapulín appears almost instantaneously to save the day.

Televisa / Via youtube.com

Batman could learn a thing or two from him.

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2. He can breathe in space.

Televisa / Via youtube.com

Side note: They speak Spanish out there.

ID: 2554888

3. He’s got the powers of a Jedi, only better…

Televisa / Via youtube.com

He’s a Mexican.

ID: 2555016

4. Nobody can rock yellow and red better than Chapulín.

Televisa / Via weheartit.com

Iron Man stole his color scheme.

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5. The Paralyzing Horn is the most lethal weapon on his utility belt.

Televisa / Via youtube.com

Batman has many weapons in his arsenal, but none of them compare to La Chicharra Paralizadora.

ID: 2555102

6. His hammer is a zillion times more powerful than Thor’s.

Felipe Capra / Via ufcf.tumblr.com
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7. Superman can fly, but Chapulín looks like a freakin’ baller doing it.

Televisa / Via youtube.com
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8. He has the ability to shrink.

Televisa / Via youtube.com

How is this a superpower? I don’t know but it’s awesome.

ID: 2554768

9. His antennae can detect danger a million miles away.

Televisa / Via youtube.com

Way better than the Spidey Sense. And he doesn’t cry as much as Peter Parker.

ID: 2555112

10. This is how he powers up:

ID: 2556477

11. His hand-to-hand combat will leave you awestruck.

Televisa / Via youtube.com

Did he train in the League of Shadows? Krypton? Jedi school? Nope. He trained on the mean streets of Mexico City.

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12. The Avengers might have The Hulk, but Mexicans have El Chapulín Colorado.

Televisa / Via youtube.com


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13. His rival is a superhero named “Super Sam.”

Televisa / Via youtube.com

He looks like Uncle Sam and Superman’s love child, carries a bag of money, speaks Spanish with the thickest American accent ever, and his catchphrase is “TIME IS MONEY!”

ID: 2560370

14. He moves faster than The Flash.

Televisa / Via youtube.com

Don’t blink or you’ll miss him!

ID: 2560562

15. The man fears nothing.

ID: 2555365

16. He saves Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs from the Evil Witch.

Televisa / Via youtube.com
ID: 2560902

17. He went face-to-face against Hitler and won.

Televisa / Via youtube.com

The history books are wrong.

ID: 2560068

18. And finally, he has the greatest catchphrase of all time.

Translation: I’m a badass mofo.

ID: 2554685

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