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    • Nomi

      I never really get preached at. In my experience the annoying veggies (which is certainly not all of them) are more entitled than judgemental.
      Say you’re serving food, or are in a place that has lots of appetizers laid out. You offer them a cocktail weenie or mini-salmon pizza, and they look at you as if you just threatened to murder their child. “I can’t eat that! I’m a vegetarian!” they exclaim, as if you just tried to poison their tea. “There’s nothing here I can eat! Why didn’t anyone provide more vegetarian options!” Yes, actually, you *can* eat that. You just won’t. There’s a difference. Look, guys, it’s great that you don’t eat meat. I don’t eat olives. Because I don’t like them. So if someone offers me an olive, I politely decline, and seek out something non-olive related to munch on. I don’t act like they committed the greatest faux-pas in history by daring to offer me something I’d rather not eat. They were being nice in offering. They didn’t have to do that. My dietary choices are not their problem to deal with.
      If you have imposed a dietary restriction upon yourself, please understand that it is YOU who are limiting your choices, not the people who offer you meat. Unless you are genuinely allergic, you are not, in fact, a member of some poor outcast minority that we should all be more sensitive towards.
      Everyone has something that they choose not to eat, and those who like to eat that thing will always question them on it. Vegetarians deal with it. Non-drinkers deal with it. Non-Celiac-suffering “gluten-free” people deal with it (or at least they should). Watch- I’ll probably get people responding with “you don’t eat olives! But olives are delicious! What do you put in your martinis?” (It happens all the time, and the answer is cherries.)
      Your self-imposed dietary restriction doesn’t make you any more special than someone who doesn’t eat, say, anything brown. It’s not up to the rest of us to know or care about what you eat, nor is it up to us to accomodate you. It is not the responsibility of restaurants to have vegan options. It is not up to dinner-party hosts to cook a separate meal for you. You have the same options as the rest of us- you’re just refusing more of them. That is not our fault.
      I feel like the “judgemental vegan” is more of an urban myth than a reality, unless we’re talking ‘judging you for being insensitive toward their “condition”. It’s not a condition. It’s a choice. If I invite you to a barbeque, I will offer you the same food I offer everyone else- I will not leave you out, I will not make assumptions, I will offer everyone the same damn hamburgers equally, and leave it to you to make your own decision. But it’s my damn barbeque, and if I don’t want to grill veggie burgers, I don’t have to. You made your choice. Now deal with the consequences. And the consequences of limiting your diet choices include having limited diet choices.
      Go figure.

    • Nomi

      My bigger problem with *SOME* (not all, not even most) vegans/vegetarians is the attitude that they are in some kind of disenfranchised minority. Like, if they go over to someone’s house who has offered food, but almost all of it has meat, and they complain that there’s little that they “can eat”. Or atasteakhouse, when they complain that there aren’t “enough options” for them.
      You can eat everything we can. You have as many options open to you as we do. But you are refusing them. You have made the conscious decision to limit your own options. This is no one’s responsibility but your own.
      If someone offers you food that you choose not to eat, you say “no thank you”, and move on. They are not required to provideasubstitute in that instance. You want options? Bring your own food or accept what’s offered you by others. But you don’t get to impose limitations on yourself and then complain that you’re limited.
      End rant.
      (PS- I’m not for one second suggesting that *ALL* vegans/vegetarians are like this. But the few who are have kind of soured some of us meat-eaters, so if we take it out on any of you non-entitled veggies, then personally,Isincerely apologize.)