Japanese Artist Shrink Wraps Couples

Photographer Hal photographed shrink-wrapped couples. Yes, they are shrink wrapped. Preserve your love FOREVER!

1. She bit his ass, which made him scream?

ID: 1315411

2. This intense love can never be broken

ID: 1315414

3. Caught them doing the dirty deed …

ID: 1315416

4. She sleep-kicked him in the nip

ID: 1315419

5. My goodness, I thought that was a baby for a second there

ID: 1315421

6. I could think of more uncomfortable sleeping positions

ID: 1315422

7. Their love of food and clowns will forever be preserved

ID: 1315423

8. Spooning at its finest

ID: 1315424

9. I can really appreciate how her glasses match the background

ID: 1315425

10. Vegetables are a great addition to any diet

ID: 1315427

11. Her skirt is serving no real purpose right now

ID: 1315428

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