15 Signs You’re A Disney World Addict

Everyone loves “The Happiest Place on Earth,” but some people love it a little too much.

1. You go ALL the time, but you still look like this before each trip.

ID: 1231112

2. You know the monorail monologue. In Spanish.

ID: 1231113

3. No Fastpasses left?

ID: 1231114

4. You see Hidden Mickeys everywhere.

ID: 1231117

5. You dream about giant turkey legs and Mickey-shaped ice cream.

ID: 1231119

6. Sleep? On vacation? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

ID: 1231121

7. Why travel the world when you have every country in EPCOT?

ID: 1231122

8. The Magical Express isn’t so magical on the trip back TO the airport.

ID: 1231123

9. Your friends think you’re crazy to Disney so often.

ID: 1231124

10. Map? Who needs a map?

ID: 1231125

11. You know what ADR, DDP, TTC & tons of other abbreviations mean.

ID: 1231126

12. “It’s a Small World” is your ringtone.

ID: 1231128

13. You look like this making dining reservations.

ID: 1231129

14. You don’t understand how anyone could NOT love Disney.

ID: 1231131

15. This is always the best way to end a night.

ID: 1231132

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