23 Struggles Only People With A Lisp Will Understand

The thruggle ith real.

1. When people find out you have a lisp they will make you say certain words to prove it.

“Oh you have a lisp?! Say sausages!”

2. Which means they’re going to laugh at you.

Fox / Via magoosh.com

3. Initially your confidence is going to be crushed.

The CW / Via cdn.arwrath.com

4. You’ll look at other people talk with ease and envy the hell out of them.

Fox / Via imgarcade.com

5. “Why God! Why have put this curse upon me?!”

Fox / Via tumblr.com

6. You will try and cure it.


7. No seriously. You’ll put endless hours into researching how to get rid of your lisp, but to no avail.

The Weinstein Company / Via wifflegif.com

8. You wonder why the hell didn’t your parents send you to speech therapy when you were younger.

20th Century Fox / Via giphy.com

Why Mom and Dad?!

9. You then continue to question your parents’ evil motives when they decided to give you a name with an “S” in it.

1492 Pictures / Via imgarcade.com

Why did you call me “Nicholas?!” It’s pure evil!

10. You end up going to therapy, but it’s too late. You should have done this when you were younger.

ABC Family / Via giphy.com

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

11. You think the guy who put an “S” in “lisp” is a total piece of shit.

12. During your teenage years you will connect with kids who have temporary lisps from their retainers and braces.

KatyPettyVEVO / Via andisyahrandi.tumblr.com

13. You finally have someone to go through this problem with.

Relativity Media / The Apatow Company / Via gif-central.blogspot.com

14. Until they inevitably get them taken off leaving you by yourself, once again.

Warner Bros. / Via wordpress.com

15. You accidently spit on people when you talk.

16. No seriously, this will happen a lot.

17. You develop a fear of answering the phone, especially at work.

“Good afternoon Thunglatheth Hut, Nicholath Thpeaking.”
Translation: Good afternoon Sunglasses Hut, Nicholas speaking.

18. You’ll be compared to Daffy Duck far too often.

Warner Bros. / Via giphy.com

19. Having your 8th grade science teacher make you do a speech on “photosynthesis.”

Apatow Productions / Via giphy.com

I haven’t forgotten Mrs Jackson, bitch.

20. Finally after years of negativity you will forget about everything and push it aside.

21. You will start to find out about successful people who have lisps, like Jay Leno.

E! / Via eonline.com

Olympian Michael Phelps.

NBC / Via giphy.com

Oh, and Mike Tyson.

So if people still tease you because of your lisp, just tell your new mate Mike and he will sort them out.

22. You slowly start to accept your lisp because of these great people.

Comedy Central / Via i.minus.com

23. Because you know having a lisp makes you unique, it gives you character, and not to mention it makes you cute as fuck.

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