25 Pro Wrestling Moments That Will Defend Your Love Of The Sport

It’s hard to be a wrestling fan, but these videos prove that the sport is a real man’s soap opera.

1. 1. Elix Skipper’s Cage Walk

2. 2. Sabu delivering a leg drop to John Cena.

3. 3. Randy Orton countering a Air Bourne into an RKO

4. 4. Mae Young calls LayCool “sluts!”

Remember, WWE Programming is PG. R.I.P Mae.

5. 5. Petey Williams hits a running Canadian Destroyer.

Remember the X-Division? :(

6. 6. Edge Spears Mick Foley Through a Flaming Table

7. 7. Randy Orton falls back first into thumb tacks!

8. 8. Dolph Ziggler cashing in Money In The Bank contract!

Dat audience reaction!

9. 9. When Daniel Bryan had an entire arena in the palm of this hands!


10. 10. Wrestling Society X

In 2007 MTV tried to start up its own Wrestling promotion. It was over the top and only lasted a season, but it was a guilty pleasure which we all dearly miss.

11. 11. Floyd Mayweather attacks The Big Show and legitimately breaks his nose

Yes, it was scripted. But it was awesome to watch.

12. 12. Kofi Kingston saving himself at each years Royal Rumble

13. 13. The Ultimate X Match in general

14. 14. Shane McMahon jumping off the Titantron

15. 15. Jeff Hardy Swanton Bomb onto CM Punk

16. 16. When the ring broke, on multiple occasions!

17. 17. The Money In The Bank Ladder Match

18. 18. Shane McMahon going Coast to Coast!

19. 19. When the post-Wrestlemania 29 crowd in New Jersey went down as the best in history!

Sorry Chicago.

20. 20. Jack Evans delivering a 630 splash

21. 21. Joey Mercury legitimately breaking his nose (GRAPHIC)

Seriously, not for the faint at hearted.

22. 22. Brock Lesnar’s Shooting Star Press at Wrestlemania 19

It was botched. But still awesome, I mean, look at the size of him!!

23. 23. When fans threw their chairs in the ring at ECW

24. 24. CM Punks infamous “Pipe Bomb”

Please come back.

25. 25. Mick Foley being thrown off the top of the Hell in A Cell

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