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20 Children’s Names Of The Future Based On Today’s Pop Culture

The TV now names our children. Deal with it.

1. Iggy

Parents, face it: No matter what you name your child, they’ll never be as cool as the original Queen of Summer.

2. Jesse

AMC / Via

“I shall call her/him Jesse, bitch!”

3. Elsa

And after your child is named after Elsa, you will raise her to know every song on the Frozen soundtrack.

4. Drake

NBC / Via

Just pray the baby’s first word isn’t “yolo.”

5. Katniss

Lionsgate / Via

But first you need a girl. May the odds be ever in your favour.

6. Jennifer

Columbia Pictures / Via

Jennifer is already a common name, but J-Law has become the center of our pop culture-obsessed universe, so no doubt she’ll be influencing parents around the world in the future.

7. Christian

ABC / Via

You can name your child after the character from a book series that made your sex drive overheat. Or maybe you’re just a big wrestling fan. Either one.

8. Tris

Lionsgate / Via

Shailene Woodley. That is all.

9. Niall

Because Harry is already too common.

10. Iris

Either The Goo Goo Dolls are making a comeback this year, or Avicii is going to do a remix of their song.

11. Archer

FX / Via

Do you want your son to have the most bad-ass name on the planet? Because naming him “Archer” is how you give them the most bad-ass name on the planet.

12. Ellen

We’ve all watched her on our sick days.

13. Lupita

After her award winning performance in 12 Years A Slave she then went on to become a fashionista, turning every head on the red carpet in the process.

14. Seth

Fox / Via

Don’t forget to adopt a boy named Ryan, and you can have your own Cohen family, complete with Chrismukkah!

15. Jordan

Paramount Pictures / Via

It will prompt your child to adapt this playboy’s lavish lifestyle.

16. Jay

Warner Bros. / Via

And while we’re on the topic of adopting lifestyles from movies in 2013, we can’t forget about Jay Gatsby’s.

17. Bella

Summit Entertainment / Via

It would be a great name for any little girl wanting to grow up with one facial expression for the rest of their life.

18. Finn

Cartoon Network / Via

Here’s hoping that they’ll also have a dog named Jake, too.

19. Ariana

It’s unique and it sounds like a coffee. In 5 years time we’re gonna have a problem with the amount of girls with this name.

20. And Khaleesi

Yes, her real name is Daenerys, but the name Khaleesi is growing with new borns at a staggering rate.

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