18 Ways To Get Out Of Your Gym Membership

That money you spend on membership each month can go towards something more useful, like Netflix.

1. Raise hell with the medicine balls!

(Will work better if you run into gym staff.)

2. Member of a 24 hour gym? Let homeless people in to stay overnight.

Gyms have lounges, showers, toilets, heating, television and clean running water. Seriously, it’s a nice act and it will royally piss off your gym. WIN/WIN!

3. Or even bring in all your friends and have a midnight rave!

4. Know people at the gym also wanting to get out of their membership? Just re-enact this.

5. Forget about this rule. Stare away! Creep people out, and get kicked out in the process!

Via 9GAG

6. Even better, do it while you hold a Shake Weight.

7. Don’t have cable TV at home? Just set up a chair and watch ‘Game of Thrones’ at the gym every week.

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8. Curls in the squat rack, brah!

This is becoming a big problem at gyms around the world, leading them to implement a “no curls in the squat rack” policy. CURL AWAY!!

9. Put the weights back wherever you please.

10. Or just don’t put them back at all.

11. Heavy sweater? Then who needs a towel!?

You get ringworm! You get ringworm! EVERYONE GETS RINGWORM!!

12. Be this guy.

13. Bring your pets to the gym.

14. Dress up every time you work out.

15. Heckle people while they work out.

16. Walk up to random people and pretend you’re a personal trainer.

Via Tumblr

17. Crash your car into the gym if you’re extremely desperate. They can’t charge you if the gym is closed for repair.

Via Tumblr

Note: May also lead to jail time.

18. But if all that fails, at your next doctor visit say you have a sore back to get a certificate.

If you have a bad back it’s out of the doctors expertise and they will refer you to a chiropractor. Once you get that referral you can get you out of a gym membership. If you’re unable to physically train, gyms must let you out of their contract (with proof that is.)

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