18 Shirts Every Guy Should Buy If You Want To Be Single Forever

Note: Does not include MMA shirts. That would be too easy.

1. Any guy that wears this shirt is definitely someone you want to avoid.

ID: 3301364

2. Look out, we have a bad-ass over here!

ID: 3301356

3. I don’t even know anymore.

ID: 3301366

4. Big ups to the shirt model, he is really playing the part of being a douche well.

ID: 3301368

5. Seriously?

ID: 3301371

6. Ever heard of Caitlin Stasey? Wear this shirt in front of her, I dare you.

R.I.P anyone who wears this shirt in front of Caitlin Stasey.

ID: 3301375

7. You also disappoint your parents buddy.

ID: 3301354

8. Oh god, why?!

ID: 3301383

9. What is wrong with people?!

ID: 3301387

10. Is your problem being in a relationship?

ID: 3301388

11. NO!! NO!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!

ID: 3301391

12. Ever had a hot iron thrown at you? It’s not pleasant.

ID: 3301392

13. You can buy this shirt right now on Amazon and receive it just in time to be a massive douche for Christmas.

ID: 3301394

14. They invented the dishwasher, and no that’s not a sexist joke. It was invented to clean up after your lazy ass.

ID: 3301395

15. You + this shirt = dying alone.

ID: 3301397

16. This shirt is a must for any boy in Junior High who has just hit puberty.

ID: 3301398

17. Oh god, I used to own this shirt when I was 14. I’m so sorry everyone, I really am.

ID: 3301406

18. Douchie shirt, but the model is rocking it! That confidence!

ID: 3301408

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