The Ravens Lost The Lombardi Trophy Last Night

This is how it happened.

Mike Segar / Reuters
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The Baltimore Ravens won the Lombardi Trophy last night, but at some point in the endless shuffle of celebration, the trophy was temporarily lost.

It was found and returned to the Ravens today. This is how the whole thing probably played out.
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3. 11:30 p.m.: Ray Lewis and the Ravens have the trophy securely in their grasp.

Jeff Haynes / Reuters
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4. Arthur Jones made out with it.

Dave Martin / AP
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5. Joe Flacco just raised it aloft.

Gene Sweeney Jr./Baltimore Sun / MCT

Because Joe Flacco is dull.

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Later that night: The trophy goes missing.

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7. Ray Lewis cried.

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8. Ed Reed caught the scent and went hunting with his nose.

Harry How / Getty Images
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9. Michael Phelps showed up just to see the trophy.

Chris Graythen / Getty Images
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Chris Graythen / Getty Images
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Chris Graythen / Getty Images
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Chris Graythen / Getty Images
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Mike Segar / Reuters
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Chris Graythen / Getty Images
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Chris Graythen / Getty Images
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Later that night…

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18. Ed Reed had the following text message conversation.

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This morning

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Christian Petersen / Getty Images
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Lionel Hahn/Abaca Press / MCT
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