The New Orleans Hornets Change Their Name To Pelicans, Unveil Their New Logo

That’s one mean-looking bird. The logo will go into use in 2013-14.

1. The New Orleans Hornets will officially become the New Orleans Pelicans next season, and the new logo was unveiled today.

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As we’ve noted before, “Pelicans” is a much more fitting team for a professional basketball team in New Orleans than Hornets. The pelican is the state bird of Louisiana, and as the Hornets outrageously claim on their website, pelicans “represent the essential qualities embodied by any successful team.” But did the Hornets/Pelicans choose the correct logo? A fan-created logo contest on produced some very cool-looking alternatives.

ID: 833677

3. The “Cool Guy” Pelican.

ID: 833719

4. The “Globetrotter” Pelican.

ID: 833718

5. The winner of the fan contest beats the official New Orleans Pelicans hands down.

ID: 833720

6. Meanwhile, the team names of Anthony Davis keep getting less and less threatening.

Matt Slocum / AP
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7. I can’t wait until he plays for the Louisville Sock Puppets (est. 2020).

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