The Manti Te’o Story As Told By "Mean Girls" Quotes

Lennay Kekua is a grotsky little byotch.

2. This is the story of Manti Te’o trying to convince the world he’s extremely gullible and fell victim to a fake girlfriend hoax.

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3. He spent more than 500 hours talking to a girl he believed to be Lennay over the phone and on the computer.

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4. His Notre Dame teammates vaguely knew of Lennay, but thought the whole situation was a little fishy.

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5. Te’o eventually learned Lennay didn’t exist, but he just kept telling lies.

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6. Then Deadspin broke the story that Lennay was a hoax, all hell broke loose, and Notre Dame’s athletic director tried to contain the situation.

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7. Te’o did an interview with Katie Couric to try and explain himself.

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8. Katie asked what we all were thinking.

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9. Te’o said he thought about coming forward and clearing the air, but he had a pretty good excuse.

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10. Katie wasn’t buying it.

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11. Te’o remained adamant that he was the victim of a hoax.

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13. The public grew tired of the story.

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14. Maybe one day we’ll learn the truth.

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